Switch to LYF with switchNwalk App

switchNwalk(sNw) is a mobile application in a Wi-Fi box that allows you to transfer data from an old Smartphone to a new Smartphone & install mobile applications on new smartphones.

Download switchNwalk

  • Tap the Google Play Store icon on your phone
  • Type switchNwalk in the search tab
  • Download it

Key features of switchNwalk services:

  • Serves multiple customers at a time
  • Connects six devices (maximum) at one time
  • Extremely fast wireless process
  • Minimal manual intervention
  • Transfers Contacts, Messages, Call Logs, Notes, Calendar, Photos, Songs & Videos


On sender's phone
  • This screen will appear on clicking the Send button.
  • There will be three buttons to select the type of receiver phone.
  • From this screen onwards theme for the sender phone will change to Crimson color.

On receiver's phone

1. This screen will appear on clicking the Receive button.
2. There will be three buttons to select the type of sender phone.
3. From this screen onwards theme for the receiver phone will change to Marigold color.



Data security

We don't keep any backup of the customer's data and we use a secure framework while transferring data from the old phone to the new phone. Any data that is being transferred is very secure and will not be lost / corrupted / shared with any outside entity / used by Reliance.


Steps for pairing the phones while using switchNwalk

Pairing the two phones:


If the image selected on the sender's phone is correct, then automatically the same screen will be displayed on the receiver’s phone. Receiver phone is now connected to the sender phone Hotspot and ready to transfer data.

After pairing, select 'Send' to transfer light data from the old phone to new phone:

After transferring the light data, click on ‘Send’ to transfer the heavy data i.e. photos, music, videos and Applications from old phone.


  • All photo, video and music formats are supported for transfer.
  • However if there is an issues with any of the files (for example, the files are corrupted), then those files can't be transferred.
  • Also if there are certain video formats which can run on one particular OS but not on the other, then those video files can only be saved in the new phone but can't be played due to OS limitations.