Connect to Wi-Fi on your new LYF Phone

You can connect to Wi-Fi networks with your LYF smartphone, as well as add networks you use often or remove networks you don't use any longer.

You can also change the settings for saved Wi-Fi networks on your LYF mobile device (may vary with Android versions).


Your device remembers the networks you connect to, along with security details, and connect automatically when in range.


Steps to connect to Wi-Fi on your LYF mobile device:


1. Open your device’s Settings app.
2. Under "Wireless & networks," touch "WLAN".
3. Touch the "WLAN" switch to turn it to the ON position. You'll see a list of saved and available networks.
4. Touch a network name from the list of available networks to connect to it. You'll see a lock icon if the network is secured and you need to enter a password to connect.



Once connected, your device will say Connected under the network name and it will show up in your saved networks list. Your device will automatically connect to it when in range.