SIM Card

Steps to install SIM

1. While the phone is turned off, remove the back cover. If the battery is in place, remove it.
2. Carefully insert the micro SIM cards into each of the microSIM slots. You can also insert memory card in the memory card slot.
3. Insert the battery, making sure to align the gold contacts. Press down gently to secure the battery.
4. Position the back cover over the battery compartment and press down firmly along the edges of the cover to secure it.

Note: 4G LTE works in both SIM Slots individually, but not simultaneously (i.e. One SIM slot works as 4G LTE and other as 2G based on the Data subscription set)

SIM not detecting

Please check if SIM is correctly inserted in SIM slot. If the issue still persists then please insert the SIM in another handset to check for the SIMs functionality. If SIM is correctly inserted and working fine in another handset, then you will need to visit the nearest LYF service centre for further assistance. To locate the nearest LYF Service Centre please click on ‘Find A Service Centre’ in the ‘Support’ section of the website.