Fixed focus feature

Fixed focus refers to a type of lens that cannot adjust its focal point, the distance where images appear sharp and in focus.

Fixed focus lenses rely on their typically large depth-of-field in order to ensure that most commonly photographed subjects are reasonably in focus.

A fixed focus lens will sometimes be designed to have a bias toward either portrait or landscape/scenery photographs.

Panorama shot feature

For the perfect Panorama shot follow the below tips:

1. Go to the camera of your smartphone.
2. Enable 'Panorama' mode in options.
3. Now click on the 'Panorama' icon and move the phone on any one side.
4. Your smartphone camera then glues these several images together to get the perfect wide image.

To change the resolution while taking pictures

  • Open the Camera app on your LYF mobile phone
  • At the top right, click on Settings icon
  • Select the ‘Picture size’ to change the resolution. More pixels means higher image quality.