An Introduction to JioMoney

JioMoney is a safe and secure way of making payments across physical and online channels. You can make instant cashless payments, mobile / DTH recharge or transfer money to family and friends. In addition you can link and manage your cards and bank accounts with JioMoney while keeping your account and card details completely safe.

Furthermore, you get access to an array of features including setting standing instructions for payments, viewing and availing a variety of discount coupons, etc.

Register, Activate and Load

You can register for a JioMoney account by using your mobile number. Each person can have only one JioMoney account which is linked to his/her mobile number alone.

Your JioMoney account gets activated the moment you register for it through any of the available options. You can add cards, load funds and start using JioMoney as soon as you get the confirmation SMS indicating account activation. If you are already a Jio customer, you will also have to sign up one time. The only difference is that you would need to use your Jio Registered Mobile Number and password to sign up to Jio Money.

You can load money to your JioMoney account either via the app or the website through net banking, debit card or a credit card. You can also deposit cash at a JioMoney dealer. The money will instantly get credited to your JioMoney account.

Types of JioMoney Accounts available for you

There are two types of JioMoney accounts that you can have. The table below showcases the features of each:

For the JioMoney Silver account you do not need any documents. However for a JioMoney Gold account you will need your Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA).


Jio Money Features

You can recharge your mobile/ DTH or make bill payments directly from your JioMoney app or the JioMoney website. You can view all the available mobile/DTH providers and billers listed in the app and portal. This list is continuously being updated and expanded. Currently we support Airtel, Dish TV and Tata Sky.

Use JioMoney at a Store

You can make JioMoney payments at a variety of stores that are our registered merchants. These outlets can be identified by prominently displayed “JioMoney accepted here” stickers. Use your JioMoney at a store in several ways:

• JioMoney card: You can use the JioMoney card in the same way that you use a debit/ credit card. You can conveniently tap or swipe the card on the mobile point of sale device at the store. You may be asked to enter your PIN to make payments beyond a pre-set value (currently Rs. 250) or number of transactions (5 transactions below Rs. 250 per day).
• JioMoney app (Bar Code): You can pay directly from your mobile app by generating a QR/Bar code, which can then be scanned by the merchant on his m-POS device. Click on ‘Pay at Shop’ in the app and then request merchant to scan the QR/Bar code displayed.
• JioMoney app (Merchant Mobile Number): Alternately, if you know the merchant mobile number, you can pay him simply. Just click on ‘Pay at Shop’, select the “By Phone Number” tab, enter the following details - merchant mobile number, the amount to be paid, message (optional) - and press send. You can view the details of your recent transactions by logging in to your account on or through the JioMoney app.

Send money Using JioMoney

You can use JioMoney to send money to any mobile number or bank account in India. Currently transfer of money is restricted only to Indian telecom subscribers and not any international mobile number. You transfer funds directly from your JioMoney app or the JioMoney website. Presently you cannot send money to a non-Jio Money recipient, but we plan to introduce this feature soon. You can view the details of your recent transactions by logging in to your account on or through the JioMoney app.

Notifications on your JioMoney account

You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number and e-mail (if registered), whenever you receive money.

You will be notified of the status of the transaction through SMS on your registered mobile number or through email. You can also view your recent transactions in the transaction history section of your app/ webpage.

Minimum balance to be maintained and validity of JioMoney account

There is no minimum balance requirement for your JioMoney account; In addition, tour JioMoney account is valid as long as your mobile number is valid and active and you can use your JioMoney account anywhere in India.

Withdraw cash from your JioMoney account

You can withdraw cash from designated JioMoney dealers, if you open a bank linked account. You can find the list of designated dealers on the JioMoney website , or by calling JioMoney customer care at 1800-103-8877.

Security & Privacy

Your Jio Money account is very secure as no one else can withdraw from your account. JioMoney stores your credit and debit cards information online on secure servers, using world class security process and technologies. These credentials are not disclosed to merchants when you pay through JioMoney. The withdrawal process can be initiated by the dealer only in your presence. Also at your end, all card transactions above a pre-set limit require a PIN thereby preventing unauthorized access to your account.

For your convenience, JioMoney account records information such as merchant name, amount, date and time, method of payment etc. which would be available to you in the transaction history section. JioMoney has strict data confidentiality and usage norms.

Contact Support & Troubleshooting

• Reset password/pin queries o To set a new password from the JioMoney app, please follow these steps: Welcome page > Forgot your mpin > login details > forgot password > verify credentials >. Alternatively, you can email us at and we shall be happy to help you. o In order to set a new m-PIN, click on the "Forgot your pin?" option available on the JioMoney app/ website and follow instructions indicated to reset the m-PIN. • Refund queries - In order to initiate a refund request, please contact us at 1800-103-8877 with your transaction ID or write a mail to Please note that refunds are subject to the seller’s refund policy. • Account balance/transaction queries - To view your balance, simply access the transaction history on the JioMoney app or website. If you would like to question a transaction, please email us at for assistance. You may also have a right of refund or other rights under your agreement with the issuing bank of your stored debit or credit card. Contact the card issuing bank and/ or access your agreement governing your card account for more information. • Reset account queries - You can reset your JioMoney account and remove all payment credentials and transaction data using the settings menu on the JioMoney app or website. • In case your phone is lost or stolen, you can suspend your JioMoney account and block payments from your stored credit or debit cards by o Logging in to the JioMoney website o Calling our customer service at 1800-103-8877 Note that no credit card/ debit card/ account information is stored on the phone, thereby eliminating unauthorized access to linked cards and accounts. For any other queries, and feedback, you can email us on or call 1800-103-8877.

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