Choose your messaging app for your LYF phone

To set your default messaging app, follow these steps:

1. Open your device's Settings menu.
2. Under "Wireless & networks," touch "More".
3. Touch "Default SMS app".
4. Choose the app that you'd like to use to send and receive text messages. You may be able to choose from the following options: Hangouts and Messaging.
5. If no other apps appear, you can open the Play Store app  to download SMS apps. After you’ve installed an SMS app, you can make it your default SMS app.

Read, Create & Send Text Messages

1. When you receive a new message, you’ll get a notification on your LYF smartphone and a new message icon will appear in your notification panel.
2. To open and read the message in Messenger, touch the new message notification in the notifications panel.
3. If the message contains a media file, touch Play to open it.
4. Touch and hold a message to view more information about the message, the sender, and the date and time sent and received.
5. You can also touch and hold down a message to copy it or delete it.
6. To respond to a message, touch the Send message box and type your message.
7. To send, touch the Send icon.
8. If you have more than one SIM card installed in your device, the message will say what SIM card it was sent to.

Create and Send Text Messages

1. Go to All Apps and touch Messaging app.
2. In the main Messaging screen, touch the add message icon.
3. Enter a name from your contacts or a mobile phone number in the "To" field. To send a group text message, touch the group icon in the "To" field and touch additional contacts or enter additional mobile phone numbers.
4. Below the "To" field, you can choose from your frequent contacts by touching Frequents or your list of contacts by touching All contacts.
5. If you’re sending a group message, make sure you turn on group messaging in Messenger settings.
6. If you choose to enter a name or mobile number in the "To" field, matching contacts will appear as you type only if any exist among your contacts. You can touch a suggested recipient or continue entering the phone number.
7. To write your message, touch the Send message box and type your message.
8. If you press the Back button while composing a message, it’s saved as a draft in the Messenger app. Touch the conversation to resume composing it.
9. To send, touch the Send icon. If you have more than one SIM card installed in your device, you may need to choose what SIM card you want to use to send the message and then touch Send