Video & Call Conferencing

Video voice call guide

HD Video Voice Call feature lets you make an HD Voice call combined with real-time video.. If the person you're calling can accept a video call, you'll see a camera icon. You can then select that icon to upgrade to a video call.

How to make a Video & Voice Call
  1. Tap on the contact screen of the phone to open the keypad
  2. If the keypad does not appear on the screen, tap to open the keypad.
  3. Enter a phone number
  4. On the keypad tap video camera icon to make a voice call
During the Video Call tap the screen to use the following options

  1. Switch between the front and rear cameras.
  2. End the current call.
  3. Turn off the microphone so that the other party cannot hear you.

Call conferencing feature

LYF EARTH 1 smart phone  is VoLTE enabled and support the HD voice call which includes conference call as a feature. You can make 6 way conference call, however you will need to ensure that your current mobile service provider can supports HD Voice calls and has enabled call conferencing for your number.

Make calls

To make call
  1. Tap Phone icon on the screen.
  2. Enter a phone number. If the keypad does not appear on the screen, tap keypad icon to open the keypad.
Making calls from the locked screen
On the locked screen, drag phone icon outside the large circle
Making calls from call logs or contacts list
Tap LOG or CONTACTS, and then swipe to the right on a contact or a phone number to make a call.