Hanging problem in phone

  • Running several applications or tasks at one time.
  • Installing applications in phone memory instead of external memory (Memory card)
  • Keeping internal memory (RAM) full.
  • Keeping external memory full.
  • Not deleting cookies, caches, log files.
  • Installing too many apps.
  • Running heavy applications on low memory.

Here are a few steps to ensure your phone does not hang or freeze:

  1. Check storage and clear space: You may experience issues if the internal storage on your device is full or almost full. Removing unnecessary files and clearing cached data can free up space that your device needs to work properly. To check how much storage you have on your device, follow these steps:
    • Open your device's Settings app
    • Touch Storage.
    • Check to see how much storage you have available. Your device can start having issues when less than 10% of storage is free

  2. Close apps you are not using: If you have a lot of apps open, they could be taking up system memory even though you aren't actively using the app. You can force stop these apps to completely shut them down, including any background services that may be causing your issue.
    • Open your device's Settings app
    • Touch ‘Apps’ in Device section
    • Select the app from the list.
    • Touch Force stop.

  3. You can clear the data associated with an app. There are two options for clearing an app's storage:
    • Clear cache: Deletes data stored in a temporary area of the device's memory. Clearing the cache won't delete any permanent files, but some apps may load a bit slower the next time you open them.
    • Clear data: Permanently deletes all the app's data, including files and settings. You may want to try deleting files from within the app first.

    • Clear cache or data for individual apps
      • Open your device's Settings app
      • Scroll down and touch ‘Storage & USB’
      • Touch ‘Apps’ and choose the app.
      • Touch ‘Clear cache’ or ‘Clear data’.
    • Clear cache for all apps
      • Open your device's Settings app
      • Scroll down and touch Storage & USB.
      • Touch Cached data and touch OK to clear.

  4. Delete downloaded files

    You can check the Downloads app to see if there are downloaded files that you don't mind deleting.

  5. Uninstall/disable apps you don’t use

    You can remove apps from your device if you don't want them anymore or you need to clear memory space. If you uninstall an app you paid for, you can reinstall it later without buying it again.

    • Go to your device's Settings app
    • Select Apps or Application manager
    • Touch the app you want to uninstall. You may need to swipe right or left to find the app.
    • Touch Uninstall or Disable.
  6. Reset your device

    If you are not able to do any of the above steps and your device remains unresponsive, use the following steps to reset your device.

    • Press and hold the Power key + Volume Up key for few seconds.
    • When you see the LCD screen go to back, release the keys immediately. The device will reboot. If you see a menu, select Normal Boot.