Revolutionising Your Viewing Experience: The Smart Television Era
Simran Dalvi
June 13, 2023

Revolutionising Your Viewing Experience: The Smart Television Era

With the introduction of smart televisions, the viewing experience has recently seen a dramatic revolution. The wide range of features and functionalities of smart televisions have completely changed the way we consume entertainment. A 32 inch TV from LYF stands out among the many smart televisions that are offered on the market.

Revolutionising Your Viewing Experience: The Smart Television Era

The LYF LD32HL2000A Smart TV is one of the best 32 inch TVs on the market, and it's reasonably priced at Rs25,000. Due to its compact structure, it is perfect for use as a secondary TV in your house or in smaller places like bedrooms and kitchens. But don't be fooled by its size; this smart 32 inch TV is a powerhouse in terms of features and functionality. Let's explore the features one by one.

Coocalite 2.0 OS

The Coocalite 2.0 operating system powers the LYF LD32HL2000A 32 HD Linux Smart TV with a revolutionary Harmony interface. This user-friendly interface, designed to deliver a seamless navigation experience, takes your entertainment adventure to new heights. Its clean appearance and easy controls, allows you to easily explore a wide range of features, applications, and settings, making every contact with your smart TV a hassle-free experience. It guarantees that you can easily navigate around the smart TV's functions, improving your entire watching enjoyment, whether you're searching through your favourite streaming services or modifying your TV settings. Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment with the Harmony Interface on the LYF 32 inch TV, where simplicity meets complexity.

Dolby Audio

 Dolby Audio on the LYF 32 inch smart TV will improve your audio experience. From the comfort of your living room, this technology creates realistic soundscapes that put you right in the middle of the action. Experience speech that is crystal clear, musical accompaniment that is beautifully detailed, and dramatic sound effects that bring each scene to life. You'll enjoy your favourite movies, TV shows, and music with greater depth and realism. If you buy it, be prepared to enter a world of exceptional sound where every acoustic nuance has been painstakingly recreated for your delight.


Use the LYF LD32HL2000A Smart TV's Screencast ability to harness the power of your personal content amplifier feature. Transparently project the screen of your tablet or smartphone onto the TV to access a world of immersive entertainment options. With Screencast, you can easily project your mobile stuff, such as images, movies, and other media, making your living room a fascinating hub for interactive watching. Relive priceless moments, show off expert presentations, or share humorous films with loved ones conveniently. The screencast tool enhances your watching experience, enabling each element to stand out with breathtaking clarity. Accept the flexibility to enjoy your preferred mobile activities on a larger canvas and create unique entertainment moments.

A+ Panel

The LYF LD32HL2000A Smart TV's A+ Panel is created to elevate your watching experience like never before. This cutting-edge panel technology improves the whole visual experience and produces gorgeous visuals that will captivate you. The A+ Panel's high-definition resolution guarantees clear, vivid, and lifelike visuals that make your material come to life. Immerse yourself in a vibrantly coloured world with sharp, well-defined features and exact representations of every hue. Every frame is a visual joy because of the amazing colour reproduction capabilities of the A+ Panel, and your favourite shows, games, and movies all look more realistic thanks to the sharpness of the visuals. Be astounded by the immersive viewing experience provided by the A+ Panel on the smart 32-inch TV.

Smart Voice Assistant

The LYF LD32HL2000A Smart TV also includes a built-in smart voice assistant, which enhances ease and control. You can use easy voice commands to browse through the TV's functionalities, search for your favourite shows or movies, alter settings, and even manage connected smart home devices with this intelligent voice assistant. Whether you want to change the station, launch a streaming app, or inquire about the weather, the clever voice assistant is there to help. There will be no more fumbling with remotes or going through complicated menus. Simply speak normally, and the TV will respond to your voice, making TV watching truly hands-free and intuitive. Accept the power of voice control and appreciate the convenience it delivers to your entertainment ecosystem.

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